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We produce and sell:

Meditation cushions, zafu, buckwheat pillow, bolster for yoga.

We use only naturall materials, hand made.

We deliver to all Europa and Russia, we use Zasilkovna and the local Post.


How to order our product?

Choose and specify the product (design, colour, size) and send uns e-mail to klara@obchodsradosti.cz, write contact to you: name, adress, city, country, phonenumber, e-mail adress.

We will inform you about delivery costs and after that confirm the order.

The delivery costs depend on country and weight, start at 8 Eur.

All payments cash on delivery. You do not pay in advance.


Meditation cushion

Meditation cushion is used for sitting by meditation, relaxation, massage, shiatsu etc. Is filled by buckwheat hulls, is firm but comfortable. It assists in relieving stress from your knees, hips and ankles as well as aligning and supporting the spine. When not meditating, you can use it for floor sitting, is favoured by children. Meditation cushion, other name is Zafu, is natural and original interier accessory. Choose of our offer of design and colours.

There is a zipper that allows you to remove and wash the cotton cover in laundry machine. The inside sleeve is not washable.

Cover: 100% coton

Inside: buckwheat hulls in extra sleeve

We produce meditation cushions size of 30 -50 cm in diameter, and are: Meditacni sedaky


Buckwheat pillows

Buckwheat pillows have helped many people get more restful sleep. They have even helped eliminate headaches, back pain and neck pain. Buckwheat hulls are breathable. Hullo conforms to your body and provides cool, comfortable, all-natural support. Typical pillows lack adequate support and collapse under your head, which can strain your neck and back muscles and interfere with restful sleep.

Buckwheat pillows are used for sleeping, relaxation, sitting, children like it. Pillows adapt to your body very well.

This removes stress from your spine and support the neck and head better.

The small sizes is possible to heat in microwawe and use as warm compress.

Cover: 100% coton, is washable

Inside: buckwheat hulls in extra sleeve

We produce different sizes: Pohankove polstare



Feel free to call me +420 608 580 283 or send me email klara@obchodsradosti.cz